Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

I Got La Musique In Me - Kiki Dee vs Riot in Belgium vs Madonna vs John Miles

This is going to be my set ender for the International Mash Bash in Saarbruecken. I heard that old song two nights ago zapping through TV while suffering through my insomnia and I immediately heard that pairing in my head. Fast forward 48 hours and some more insomnia and here's a new "theme" Mash. Listen in the player and download at


so long
Andreas aka mouzpusha

Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

International Mash Bash Weekender Blog

Head over to http://internationalmashbash.blogspot.com for info (in German), videos and music to do with the International Mash Bash in May. It gonna be too many fancy, hombre!

Montag, 30. März 2009

International Mash Bash 2009

On May 15th/16th, more than 20 Bootleggers, Mashers, DJs, VJs and Remix artists will invade Saarbruecken for a devastating nonstop party weekend like few have been before. Following in the footsteps of international parties like Bootie (SF, LA, Boston, Munich, Paris, Beijing and Brisbane), Bastard (London), Mutant (London), Uprising (London), International Bastard (Trier) or Mash Up Your Bootz (Berlin), International Mash Bash 2009 combines cool locations, music beyond all boundaries of genre or style and a diverse group of artists to make this weekend the highlight of spring for partygoers of all kinds. The confirmed artist roster reads like a who-is-who of the underground bootleg scene:
Celebrity Murder Party Soundsystem (http://www.celebritymurderparty.co.uk/) - London
Uprising London Crew: Bush, Ape, Just Ben, Stash Da Rola (http://www.uprisinglondon.com/) - London
ToToM (www.totom.dj) - Paris
Dj Gaston (http://www.djgaston.net/) - Paris
DJ M.i.F. (www.djmif.com) - Kopenhagen
DJ Fuller - Kopenhagen
Instamatic aka DJ NoNo (www.mutantpop.net) - London
Mr. Whitelabel (http://www.myspace.com/mrwhitelabel) - Birmingham
DJ Morgoth (www.mashupyourbootz.com) - Berlin
Pilchard (http://www.pilchardboots.blogspot.com/) - London
Jetstopreston (www.myspace.com/jetstopreston/) - London
Deep Disco Force - Trier
FM24 (http://fm24bootlegs.blogspot.com/) - Ottobeuren
Jimmi Jammes (http://www.myspace.com/jimmijammes) - Santiago de Chile (!)
Defunkto (http://www.archidroid.com/) - London
Dj Fusion (http://myspace.com/fusiononthecut) - Saarbrücken
mouzpusha (http://mouzpusha.blogspot.com) - Saarbrücken
EXTRA SPECIAL ACT: The Who Boys (http://www.zen8003.zen.co.uk/) - London - FAREWELL SHOW

Sonntag, 29. März 2009

Clawfinger's paranoia and Dolly Parton's heartache = new mashup

I wanted to do something with Clawfinger's "Out to get me" for a long time. While browsing my small acapella collection I came across another song I've been loving far before I could even understand the lyrics. Fast forward one ableton live session with the amp on 11, beat repeats galore and here you go: Clawfinger vs. Dolly Parton - Out to get Jolene (mouzpusha's glitch edit).

so long
Andreas aka mouzpusha

Dienstag, 24. März 2009

mouzpusha & DJ Fusion prepare for International Mash Bash Weekend

Did this one over the weekend with DJ Fusion (http://deejayfusion.blogspot.com/), can't go wrong with Kid Cudi vs. The Crookers, neither with M.I.A, and there's some "Mama Kossa" in there as well, so enjoy "Bucky done Mama day and nite".

Also, some older tunes I made under my old GYBO moniker "popkiller". Sorry for those, I was young and didn't know any better...

so long
Andreas aka mouzpusha